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Shadow Warrior
Sunday, October 27, 2013

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Reviewed by: Katalist

It’s always fun when a game presents you the opportunity to wield a sword (in first-person) to chop enemies to bits! Shadow Warrior is the latest take on the concept. This game is made by Flying Wild Hog, the same developers who made the seriously underrated first-person shooter, Hard Reset in 2011. These guys do fantastic art design and excel at fast-paced, old school style FPS games. Did you like Quake and Serious Sam as a youngster? You shoulld be right at home with this.

You play as Lo Wang, a hilarious goofball who knows how to wield a katana extremely well. As you advance in the game you get to upgrade things with the skill tree style set-up. Do you want to upgrade your katana fully? Or would you prefer something like more hit points instead? The choice is your’s. There is lots to pick from. Myself, I did a mainly katana playthrough, so I upgraded all my katana aspects ASAP.

This game brings back FUN to first person shooters. Remember when shooters where fast-paced and over-the-top? I was not expecting a whole lot from this game but I have had a blast with it…chopping up bad guys, limbs flying all over. It’s like a grindhouse movie mixed with an old PC game.

Of course Shadow Warrior is not perfect, sometimes the transition from speed running to normal can be a little jerky. Also, some people might not find the dark/silly humour funny or fitting. There are also the odd bugs, but nothing gigantic or game-breaking.

Well done Flying Wild Hog, this game is better than Hard Reset in every way: it handles better, is more fun and, as hard as it is for me to say, this looks even better than Hard Reset (which is gorgeous). I can’t wait for these devs’ next outing.

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