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Game Dev Tycoon
Thursday, October 10, 2013

Developer: Greenheart Games

Publisher: Greenheart Games

Reviewed by: Katalist

2013 for me as a video game fan has been all about indie games. Despite the amazing GTA5 and a few other great mainstream games, most of the titles I have enjoyed this year have been indies (some of which are not even finished). The rise of Kickstarter and Steam’s Greenlight process have allowed PC gaming to really diversify.

Game Dev Tycoon puts you in the shoes of a video game developer and you must perform all the duties that come along with it. It is similiar to other Tycoon games and in some ways reminds me of Prison Architect with its addictive gameplay.

You start off as a one-man team in a garage but as you progress you can get a new office and hire new people to work on games with you. It might not sound like a game that would be all that fun, but it’s the small things that make this enjoyable. You can also train your workers, research aspects for a new game engine, etc. You can also sign up with a publisher to sell more copies and get more fans, but this also has a down side as they have requirements and if they are not met (such as game scores) then you will lose a big chunk of the money.

Ever wanted to make your own video game developement team? Do you play games like Simcity and Prison Architect? This may be the game for you. It has a lot more depth than you may think; the more you progress, the more options you unlock.

I had a blast from start to finish as I created a company called Obsidian Gods (named for my love of Obsidian’s role-playing games). Instead of making mostly RPGs though, I mixed things up with many other genres and styles of game.

The graphics are not the best but it definitely fits this style of game perfectly. The music is also quality, with some great little loops. As far as bugs and crashes, I did not experience much of either (just one crash). One complaint is that this game starts off hard and then the latter stages seem easier…a bit more balance would have been nice.

Overall, this is a very polished game. I am already looking forward to some DLC for Game Dev Tycoon, there is so many possibilities for an expansion pack.

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