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Pinball FX2
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Developer: Zen Studios

Reviewed by: Chris Sutton

The arcade is a dying scene…at least in the Western part of the world. Most families, children, and teenagers do not seek the thrilling excitement of the blinking lights and blaring music anymore. Rather, they decide to stay at home and fulfill their gaming needs on tablets, phones and computers. It’s because of this that the pinball machine can no longer be found around the corner. Luckily, for people like myself, Zen Studios have been trying their damnedest to emulate pinball fun on the PC.

Pinball FX2 is a high quality pinball emulator that has been available for almost every device you can game on, except PC…until now. The game offers a wide selection of tables to choose from, from their classics like Rome, to the comic book awesomenss of the Marvel tables. When playing a table for the first time, you are greeted by a stunning cinematic video introducing the theme. The look of the tables will tell you Zen have been doing this for a while, and seeing all the animated obstacles and challenges will have you chomping at the bit to play.

Each table here has some special bonuses for tricky shots and multiple hits. However, it should be noted that these bonuses have to be figured out by the player while playing.

Now, I’m not entirely certain if it’s the build of my PC or the video card I use, but the flippers were not as responsive as I would have liked them to be, and I don't want to believe it's the game. It’s because of this short lag between my key press and the flipper movement that I have lost countless rounds.

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