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Avernum: Escape From The Pit
Monday, June 25, 2012

Developer: Spiderweb Software

Reviewed by: Katalist

Avernum has been around for many a moons, as has its dev Spiderweb. One of the few that still makes old school style role-playing games. If you are looking for classic RPG with great writing, then give this a try. Veterans of the series and fans of Spiderweb games in general will feel right at home.

This is a remake of the first Avernum title from years ago and there has been some great improvements/additions. The game has some good replay value, as there is three ways you can beat the game. The combat is turn-based/tile-based and flows together very nicely overall. Of course like most RPGs, your group can use ranged attacks, melee attacks, or focus on kicking ass with spell-casting. Overall, the combat is very effective and shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of for true RPGers. The game world is pretty open and you can explore a great deal, but sometimes you have to progress in the story to access certain areas. The game also does “consequences” very well. Sure, you can attack NPCs and commit crimes, but are the consequences worth it? Only time will tell. Character leveling up is pretty straightforward.

The graphics are not the best ever, but these games have never been about groundbreaking graphics. Games like Avernum are more about the story, characters, turn-based combat, and the descriptions of the world around you (which Spiderweb games are known for). This does not mean the graphics are bad or anywhere near the original Avernum, the graphics are actually pretty impressive. If you compare the graphics to Witcher 2 or Skyrim, they might not blow you away, but they fit this type of game very well. Another nice addition is the new hand-drawn images used for leveling up stats and skill descriptions. They’re very cool and add more personality to the game.

In the end, this is another great game from Spiderweb. You should definitely check out Avernum: Escape From the Pit if you are looking for a modern role-playing game with an old school feel to it. You can pick it up directly from the devs or you can get it on Steam for PC, Mac and iPad.

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