Tyga - Careless World: Rise of the Last King
album review

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Date Stamp: March 22, 2012

Label: Young Money

Reviewed by: Sir Ed Coke

Staying relevant in the music industry is harder today than it has ever been. With the sheer volume of new talent constantly entering the public domain, and the fickle palate of a market with an ever-shrinking attention span, simply gathering and maintaining a fan base is an impressive feat. Outselling your competition and continually growing in popularity is a whole 'nother achievement all together. But Tyga, one of the top dogs in the game, has a new album out called Careless World that's proving he's here to stay. His first full-length effort co-signed by Young Money/Cash Money (who're arguably the hottest click in the industry), Careless World features a radio-friendly but street-wise sound. With superstar production credits from the likes of Cool & Dre and The Neptunes, along with guest features from some of today's biggest names including Nas, Weezy, Busta, and T-Pain, this album is sure to please a wide variety of listeners. Tyga's perhaps best known recently for the song Rack City which was the third single released leading up to the album's drop, going platinum in the process. After getting a Grammy nomination nod last year for his efforts on Deuces with Chris Brown, Tyga will no doubt again be one of the hardest acts to follow in the 2K12.

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