Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition
event review

Date Stamp: September 8, 2014

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

The first thing you notice about Game Of Thrones from the very first episode is the production value…followed closely by the boobs and violence. Every episode is movie quality, and TV series in general have benefited from the show’s success. So, when I heard there was a traveling exhibit that featured many of the costumes, weapons, and paraphanlia from the show, it was a must-see. Then when I got word there would be a virtual reality component utilizing the Kickstarter phenom Occulous Rift, I got giddy!

The building this touring show was held in at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) was basically a warehouse and the rough-around-the-edges feel took away from the experience slightly. I only say that because the exhibit itself was top notch. We’re not talking second and third tier characters’ gear; we’re talking Ned Stark’s gargantuan Valerian steel broadsword, the sadistic Joffery’s crossbow, and the wardrobe of everybody from the diminutive Tyerion to the massive Hound, not to mention models of the dragons, the Three-Eyed Crow, and other nasties. Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention there’s also an Iron Throne you can sit and take pictures on! Bring a friend though because a selfie is not going to cut it (see what I did there?).

Now, about that Occulous Rift demo, it was intense. You are walked into a gated space that resembles the outdoor lift that goes up The Wall, and then you’re fitted with the OR goggles and headphones. The first thing I did was look around 360 degrees to see how fluid the movement was and if the landscape was complete. It was very fluid and I did not notice a single glitch in the view. (SPOILER ALERT) You are whipped up The Wall and you come to the top with a jar, you then walk out of the lift (the virtual one) and start trodding through the snow (virtual trodding) to the other side. When you look North over the ledge you see an army of Wildlings coming out of the woods. They start shooting flaming arrows and one hits you dead centre in the chest. You can see it flaming where it pierced you. Then you fall off The Wall and before you can get vertigo (and believe me you quite easily could), it fades to white. Whoa! Now, since it was a media preview night and there was an open bar and no line-up, I grabbed a drink and went back again!

If you’re a rabid Game Of Thrones fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), I would highly recommend checking this out. To get up close and personal and see the craftsmanship of these outfits and arms really gives you a better sense of how much work goes into this show.

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