Science World After Dark: Bricks & Drinks (April 25th)
event review

Date Stamp: May 2, 2014

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

What are you doing on a Friday night? After work drinks? Dinner and a movie? Going out to the club? How about going to Science World to check out the exhibits without all those pesky kids running wild? Well, apparently a ton of people in Vancouver (and the Lower Mainland) are choosing the latter because everytime Science World has one of these After Dark events, they are sold out shortly after being announced. I guess it helps that they serve beer and wine, and the current theme is Lego-based. Yep, that’s right, you can get tipsy and check out Canada's largest Lego mural, play a little Mindball upstairs, watch a Lego short or two in the theatre, build something in the Keva Room, and once you’ve got your creative juices flowing, hit up some free build time or a blind build contest with the Vancouver Lego Club!

We walked around and tried to get a look at everything before we got stuck at the Lego activity tables. It was almost as fun to watch adults partaking in the interactive displays upstairs as partaking ourselves. When we did get to the area run by the Vacouver Lego Club, we signed up for the blind build cotest and were told to wait for our round at the “free build” table (which is simply a long table filled with Lego). We got so engrossed in building we forgot to get our drinks until last call! My partner in crime was intent on completing an ambitious Ogopogo that was garnering a lot of attention, so we missed our blind build spot. However, the prize for winning the blind build was a brick-made pin/medal, and by the time Ogopogo was mear bricks away from completion, the VLC prez decided the mythic sea monter deserved recognition as well!

Tickets are $22.50 (early bird $18). Drinks are $6. The event runs from 6:30-10pm (but it is done before you know it). And the next Science World After Dark is May 30th.

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