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El-P w/ Killer Mike, Despot & Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire in Vancouver, BC
Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reviewed by: Dylan Plishka-Humphreys

Last Monday’s jam at Fortune with El-P, Killer Mike and crew was off the motherlovin’ chain, yo! Vancouver represented well in true patriot love, which helped all the night’s performers wil’ out and enjoy performing.

Killer Mike’s flawless set packed heavy political subject matter with intense delivery and rock-ish, Bomb Squad-sounding instrumentals. The stamina of this dude is a “What If Kool G. Rap Mind-Controlled Rick Ross?” scenario. A lot of respect goes out to Mike for being so vocal about his views and the current state of our human affairs. Most of us yout look to artists to speak against the lies of the hegemonic powers that be. Mike’s raps about Ronald Reagan and poverty had the whole crowd echoing in excited solidarity. Oh yeah, and he also rapped a song while lamping on the dance floor of the club (he good folks).

El-P’s performance was dominated by Killer Mike’s progressive chutzpah, but let’s not split hairs, El-Producto is a legend and his performance killed. He showed exactly where he’s at as an artist, which is orchestrating. For example, El was backed by a band, with the rest of the tour’s artists amping and mingling into the verses…not to mention some bizarre antics with a stuffed animal. El-P has been leading super groups and doing real business for nearly three decades now, and all that experience showed in this fine evening of Hip-Hop. Can’t forget how well everything sounded, on account of the show touring with a sharp soundman with the echo-chamber on trigger mode. After this memorable night, I feel like El-P should be graced with a new title, The Indie Artists’ Champ.

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