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Shockone w/ Longwalkshortdock in Vancouver, BC
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shockone w/ Longwalkshortdock in Vancouver, BC

Reviewed by: Dylan Plishka-Humphreys

The Halloween weekend for this haggard, semi-sentient reviewer went off with a resounding bang, as 560 Club attained a "nirvana rave atmosphere". Exquisite costumes, grinning kids and all sorts of glowing items were flying across the room at warp speed. There were far too many memorable moments from the evening to taint with the inadequacy of linguistic interpretation. The Longwalkshortdock fan costumed team were representing deep on stage, while the man himself played another masterful performance full of songs old and new (including a song by Kootenay locals, The Philthkids). Dave King (LWSD) continues to solidify his reputation and representation by devoting a whole lotta love to his work. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing how this guy plays his hand, because the dude is sharp as fuck and totally in control.

Shockone was a heavy crowd pleaser that sent beads of sweat pulsating to the bass rhythms. The Australian Drum & Bass demon maintained an extremely entertaining set, never hesitating and constantly switching it up. All night the music was on point with amazing sound quality. I proudly danced my ass off. Big thanks to everyone who attended and helped create such an enjoyable and respectful atmosphere, as well as the 560 and their wicked staff. Leaving the club at 3am felt surreal, as the fog was low on the streets...which made everyone in their costumes look super dope. Word.

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