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LMFAO in Penticton, BC
Friday, November 13, 2009

City: Penticton, BC

Venue: Element Nightclub

If wilin' out in your skinny jeans, high tops and neon gear is your thing, then you know full well about the noveau retro phenoms LMFAO. These guys are certifiable and when the Party Rock Tour passed through Penticton the other night all hell broke loose.

First to hit the stage was producer/artist/effin' nutjob Space Cowboy. A professional at perverting genres, he single-handedly set the tone and injected the audience with his strange science. With back-up dancers in tow, he ran though his catalogue of hipster favs.

Next up, Paradiso Girls. The dirty step-sisters of the Pussycat Dolls pranced on in and the minute they hit the stage the decibel meter was off the charts. The star here is Chelsea Corka, who was a contestant on the Pussycat Dolls reality show a few years back. Wait. They sing too? No one seemed to notice with the amount of ass-shaking on stage.

Underground pimp Shwayze along with Kid Rock soundalike Cisco Adler were next and they gave an impressive performance. One rapper and one rocker with live synths, strings, and horns? Bet your life, brother. It was something you had to witness to believe.

Just past midnight Red Foo and Sky Blu took control of the mothership and damn near crash landed in a parallel universe with one of the craziest live sets witnessed by man. They went through the entire first album with storytelling in between each jam. These are some funny-ass dudes. They even brought out the "Polka Dot Bikini Girl" and I'm confident ears are still ringing from the roar that erupted when she did her ass-shaking dance. Wild outfits, wilder hair, LMFAO know how to put on a fuckin' party, yo! This show was ridiculous for all the right reasons.

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