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NERD in Pemberton
Thursday, July 31, 2008

When you are the creator of the music behind the biggest hits this decade, you have a keen sense of what moves a crowd. From the moment Pharrell and Shae appeared on stage, they were ready to tear that muthafucker down. I didn't see Chad, no suprise there, but I'm pretty sure Fam-Lay was on stage. Shae was sporting a Van City hat and Pharrell annouced he was hyped to be back in Vancouver. When he was told it was Pemberton, he said he didn't give a fuck and was just excited to rock it at the first year of such a major festival. The latest singles got the best response but plenty of the crowd knew the words to Lap Dance and Rockstar. That "achyoo, achyoo" hook from Everybody Nose is infectious. You sound like a fool singing but try to stop yourself. With NERD, Jay-Z and Coldplay all performing at this event, I figured there would be at least one collaborative performance. I mean Pharrell and Jay have plenty of songs together, and Jay and Chris Martin also have one. When I talked to Pharrell the Tuesday after the festival, he said they simply didn't think of it. Too bad because the vibe seemed right. All aforementioned acts were obviously happy with the lively and sizable crowd and their strong performances refelcted that. When Pharrell asked if everybody was happy Bush was about to be out of office, there were resounding cheers and NERD probably gained a bunch more left-leaning BC fans who hadn't likely equated them with a political stance before that. They had started late (due to traffic) and were told they would have to cut their performance short accordingly but Pharrell told the audience he was doing his whole set come hell or highwater. He even asked the crowd to have his back if they tried to remove him forceably. Now that is the kind of show you want to see...artists battling circumstances to give you their all!

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