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Free Comic Book Day 2013 Preview
Saturday, May 4, 2013

Superman: Last Son of New Krypton #1

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

What a gyp! Not only did DC just reprint the first issue of their Geoff Johns/Richard Donner Superman run from like five years ago! Not only that, but after they had basically abandoned that entire run to a crappy ending for the New Krypton story, why would they now try to get you reading it again? Why try to have people reading the old continuity? I thought back story like this would be too confusing for readers, hence the New 52? And to top it all off, we're on the eve of two brand new Super books; Superman Unchained and Superman/Batman. Why aren't we getting a sneak peak of that? Oh, we do, in the form of an interview with Jim Lee and Scott Snyder called 5.2 questions. Boo! Way to phone it in DC. I wouldn't give this book a 2.5.

Atomic Robo

Publisher: Red 5

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

I am an adamant and loud supporter of Atomic Robo and I was turned onto him and his creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener through a Free Comic Book Day comic a couple of years ago. This year’s tale is a quick read that highlights the flavour of Robo's world, but it's definitely not the best Atomic Robo short story I’ve read. In fact, with a second Atomic Robo title, Real Science Adventures, being published by Red 5, there has been a bunch of awesome short stories every month! The other offering in this here book is Bodie Troll. The title and character are an obvious nod to Vaughn Bode and his Cheech Wizard world, while the art style is quite European. Good intro, shows promise.

Mouse Guard / Rust

Publisher: Archaia

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

At first glance, the Mouse Guard issue is a bit disappointing given that one of the main reasons for reading the title is David Peterson's amazing artwork and this story is more of a text based story with some stylized patterns and pictograms on each page, but the story is sweet and heartwarming and wins you over by the end. Plus, the book has four other mini stories from other series like Rust. Points for packing in as much as possible.

Beware the Batman / Teen Titans Go!

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

If this is any indication of the level of quality of the upcoming Batman series, Bat-fans could be in for a letdown. There is no charm here. There is no cool art style, no wicked narrative, no “thing”! Let's move on, because the more interesting part of this book is the Teen Titans side, if you can believe it. The artwork is childish, but in the right way. This book knew its audience and makes a fun stab at a kid friendly book. It’s a nice intro to the series but also makes use of the comic format by including connect the dots gags, a maze and little jokes in the margins. Surprisingly entertaining.

Steam Engines of Oz

Publisher: Arcana

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

Arcana Comics does it in style by giving readers a full-length new issue of their new series and shows other publishers what FCBD is all about. A fun comic that crosses Wizard of Oz with Steam Punk (which kicks off their new Steam Punk comic line) is exactly what FCBD is all about.

Infinity / Hulk & the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Publisher: Marvel

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

To clarify from the start, this is a review of two different Marvel FCBD titles. Well, one book shows they know how to use FCBD for their own (evil?) designs and still give fans something worthwhile, and the other is a blatant piece of marketing with no redeeming features. Infinity is a cool little sneak peek into what looks like a fun crossover that will tie Marvel’s 616 Universe even more closely to their MCU (think The Avengers mid-credits scene). The Jim Cheung art is amazing. On the other hand, Hulk & Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is nothing more than screenshots of the upcoming show in sequence pretending to be a comic, followed by screenshots of their other new show, Avengers Assemble, doing the same. Thanks for the pixilated crap Marvel.

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