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Atomic Robo Presents… Real Science Adventures #1
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Publisher: Red 5 Comics

Reviewed by: Joe Mossman

Ah, Atomic Robo. I’ve grown quite fond of this big metal dude with his big metal eyes, the wit and personality and easy likeability writer Brian Clevinger has bestowed upon him, and of the depth of expression artist Scott Wegener always manages to infuse into the face of somebody who’s basically faceless.

To recap: Atomic Robo is an atomic robot. You probably figured that part out. Built by Nicola Tesla nearly a century ago, the fully self-aware Robo earned legal status as a human being and American citizen by working for the government, taking down supervillian Nazi scientists, space-age wizards, and the mutant dinosaur Dr. Dinosaur (who never seems to realize how hilarious he is and is all the more hilarious because of it). Real Science Adventures #1 kicks off a series of short vignettes that draw on the backstories of Robo and various supporting characters (including Dr. Dino), each drawn by a different guest artist. Some are standalone pieces and some are the first chapters of longer stories, all written with Clevinger’s characteristic dry humour and flawless dialogue.

It’s hard to pick out a favorite art-wise. If pressed, I’d have to say Yuko Oda’s work on The Revenge of Dr. Dinosaur. And it’s almost impossible to pick out a favorite story-wise; Robo’s trip to Hong Kong and his meeting with a certain Mr. Lee in Leaping Metal Dragon is a contender, but so is City of Skulls…because the only thing cooler than an atomic robot is a highly radioactive Soviet atomic robot.

Like it says in the blurb on the Red 5 site, there aren’t enough Atomic Robo stories in the world. I agree. Real Science Adventures should help remedy that.

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