The Mechawhales to join the Channel Frederator Network
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Date Stamp: April 22, 2015

The Mechawhales Youtube Channel will introduce the Mechawhales brand to a wider audience as part of the Frederator Network family with new 3D animations and other existing videos coming to the Mechawhales Youtube Channel ( soon. The Channel Frederator Network is an American animation Multi Channel Network (MCN) managed by FrederatorNetworks. With over 255 Million Monthly Views and 20 Million Total Network Subscribers, the network is quickly growing to become the premiere animation network.

Fans can also now expand their Mechawhales figure collection with the Beluga Mechawhales figure, human soldiers, and Cyborg troopers. Since every hero needs a villain, Deep Fried Figures has added a number of new Alien Invader troops to its shop ( as well.

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