Mixtape Report: Early May (Two Tape Special)
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Date Stamp: May 2, 2006

Name: Mike Love
Title: Universal Session: The Chicago Gangsta Story
3 Best Cuts: Mikkey - Revolution
Lupe Fiasco - 1st & 15th Is Back
The Almighty Colombian Prince f/ Qualo - 2 Words (Nation rmx)
Pro: The interludes telling the Chicago Gangsta Story was that real shit
Con: I think GLC would have been a good fit on this project

Name: Mike Love
Title: Universal Session: The Chicago Gangsta Story presents Psychodrama
3 Best Cuts: Psychodrama - Louder f/ Turtle Bankx & Chicago Shawn (of Qualo)
Buk - Deep In A Zone
Psychodrama - Magic (classic 1994)
Pro: Buk, Newsense and Psyde had the Chitown formula you hear today back in the mid-90s!
Con: That this hugely influncial group never capitalised

Name: DJ Khaled & Lil Wayne
Title: Suffix
3 Best Cuts: U Don't Know Weezy
New Orleans
Blowing Up Fast
Pro: Lil' Weezy is the hottest rapper in the south right now
Con: This mixtape is really old but still hotter than most mixtapes out

Name: DJ Khaled, Lil' Wayne & Baby
Title: The Carter 2 Pt. 2: Like Father, Like Son
3 Best Cuts: Long Time Comin'
Feelin' Myself f/ Nikki
My Girl
Pro: Damn, when Khaled and Wayne re-up, they do it proper
Con: Would have liked to hear Baby and Wayne together a lil' more

Name: DJ Scoob Doo
Title: Lost In Yonkers Pt. 4
3 Best Cuts: Nahkusy & St. Laz - Yonkers Penitentiary
Styles P - Like You
Styles P - Stay Tuned to Scoob Doo
Pro: Styles really shines here but D. Block's next wave kill it too
Con: T. Waters got two tracks on here but ain't he from Down South?
Name: DJ Scoob Doo
Title: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: The Jay-Z Mixtape
3 Best Cuts: Get My Shit Off (prod. by Timbaland)
1995 Stretch & Bobbito freestyle f/ Big L
2002 Hot 97 freestyle
Pro: Some dope Jigga oldies and rarities
Con: DJ sounds placed with no consideration of the beat

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