Late April Pt. 4 (South Special)
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Date Stamp: April 26, 2006

Name: Word Of South
Title: Round My Way Strike 2
3 Best Cuts: The Replacementz - We So Fly
Trae f/ Pimp C - Swang (rmx)
Lil' Boosie f/ Webbie - Rachet (rmx)
Pro: Good selections from all over the south
Con: A few songs on here have been on way too many mixtapes already

Name: DJ Bobby Black, DJ Mars, & DJ C-Styles
Title: The Golden Era Pt. 2: Dirty South Edition
3 Best Cuts: Outkast - Hootie Hoo
Three Six Mafia f/ UGK - Sippin' On Sizzurp
Pastor Troy - No Mo Play In GA
Pro: Hard to choose only three best cuts out of all these certified classics
Con: Do Or Die and Crucial Conflict are from Chicago...but those songs are still classics though

Name: DJ Folk
Title: Deep N Da Game 6
Hosted by: TI & P$C
3 Best Cuts: Big Krit - Just Touched Down
Juvenile - U Can Get It Quick
Cam'ron & Webbie - Huggin' The Block
Pro: Good selection of southern heat
Con: Heard the majority of these songs already
Name: DJ 4 Sho
Title: Southern Style 3
3 Best Cuts: Lil' Flip - What U Know Bout Da South
Smoke & Stat Quo - Come See Me
Busta Rhymes f/ Slim Thug - Get That Gwop
Pro: 4 Sho got some hot cuts on here and that's fo sho!
Con: But a few of these songs are like 6 months old
Name: Guillotine
Title: Hard Ta Kill
3 Best Cuts: Guillotine f/ West TN Looney Mob - Choke Up On Ya Wood
Guillotine f/ Meka B & West TN Looney Mob - Take Yo Shirt Off
Took & West TN Looney Mob - U Need A Pimp
Pro: This is a lot better than I expected, West TN Looney Mob are dope!
Con: The cover might not help sales

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