Early March Pt. 1
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=727&page_number=1
Date Stamp: March 4, 2006

Name: DJ Dirty Harry
Title: The Warriors
3 Best Cuts: Jay-Z - verse (Queens Logic Harry mix)
Cam'ron - Oh Yes/Mr. Postman (DJ Dirty Harry mix)
Notorious BIG & Big L - Something Bigger (DJ Dirty Harry mix)
Pro: Dirty Harry puts so much thought and work into his mixes, he's making other blend DJs look like frauds
Con: Far too much Lloyd Banks all over this mixtape
URL: DJdirtyharry.com
Name: Demolition Men
Title: Animal Planet
Starring: The Jacka & Husalah (Mob Figaz)
3 Best Cuts: The Jacka & Husalah - Same Shit Everyday
The Jacka - Bay Go Crazy
The Jacka & Husalah - freestyle
Pro: Mob Figaz collective is the best out the Bay right now
Con: Demo Men needs to send us more of they mixtapes
URL: Thejacka.com, Thedemolitionmen.com
Name: DJ Sean Mac
Title: Fuck Jay-Z
3 Best Cuts: Cam'ron - Gotta Love It (Jay-Z diss)
AZ - Royal Salute (50 diss)
Amil Car - Breakin' Down Beef Pt. 1
Pro: Some dope songs fo sho
Con: Only a few Jay-Z diss songs on here...you really need more to be running with that title
Name: DNA
Title: True Crime: Harm City Vol. 5
Hosted by: Tall Valls aka Skinny Suge
3 Best Cuts: Grafh f/ Comp - War (prod. by Urban Suspex)
D.O.G. f/ Jim Jones - I Get Dough (prod. by Samir & Mo Banks)
Comp - Groupie (prod. by Urban Suspex)
Pro: I never really heard much from Comp before but I was impressed
Con: Some of the production on this CD sounded low budget...or should I say no-budget
URL: WildchildDNA.com
Name: DJ 4 Sho (Full Fledge)
Title: Come N Get It Vol. 4
Hosted by: Tony Mecca
3 Best Cuts: Ghostface & Trife - War
Cormega - Dirty Game
Cam'ron - Gotta Love It (Jay-Z diss)
Pro: Some dope cuts from random NY emcees
Con: Who the fuck is Tony Mecca?

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