Late December Pt. 1
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Date Stamp: December 27, 2005

Name: DJ Ideal
Title: Da Bottom 7
Hosted by: Big Boi
3 Best Cuts: TI - Ride With A G
Red Eyezz f/ Trey Songz - Don't Fuck With Me (Smitty diss)
3-6 Mafia f/ Busta Rhymes, Slim Thug & Project Pat - Stay Fly (rmx 2)
Pro: Da Bottoms are that certified southern heat everytime
Con: Not enough music by Big Boi

Name: Vinnie the Squid
Title: Caves of Steel: They Robot Pt. II
Hosted by: Blackalicious
3 Best Cuts: Green Card - Fela Fluti
Grip Grand - Paper Cups (edit)
Nappy Roots - Rewind
Pro: Vinnie brings skills and crates...and you thought the underground was dead
Con: Seem like a little bit of a white-rapper-athon

Name: Bang 'Em Smurf & Domination
Title: Ground Work 7
Hosted by: Big Mike
3 Best Cuts: Domination - Fuck Yayo
Domination - Chill Wit A Gangsta
Domination f/ LP - Feel It In the Air freestyle
Pro: Domination may be the most underrated emcee in the game right now
Con: It lists 19 tracks here but there's 31, so you know the tracklist is fucked up
Name: DJ Warrior
Title: Cali Untouchable Radio Pt. 7 - Southwest Trill Edition
Hosted by: Bun B
3 Best Cuts: Bun B - Goin' Down In Cali (exclusive)
UGK - Front, Back, Side to Side
Beanie Sigel & Bun B - Purple Rain
Pro: DJ Warrior and Bun B...can't get trilla than that!
Con: The 'old school mix' section was missing a few UGK classics
Name: DJ Kurupt
Title: The Instrumental Handbook: Purple Book Vol. 8
3 Best Cuts: Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say
Tony Yayo - U Don't Love Me
Bun B - Draped Up
Pro: This gotta be the best instrumental mixtape we've got in a minute
Con: DJ sounds on an instrumental mixtape almost ruin it

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