Late November Pt. 1 (Solo Artist Special)
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Date Stamp: November 23, 2005

Name: Juelz Santana
Title: Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend Out
Hosted by: DJ Green Lantern
3 Best Cuts: Mr. Postman
Never Seen A Man Cry
Pro: Juelz always picks the most classic beats for freestyles
Con: Is it just me or is this crack more cut than it used to be?
Name: Rack-Lo
Title: Golden Era Terror
Narrated by: Thirstin Howl III
3 Best Cuts: Crazy Ass Lo-Life Kids
Rack Da Sniper
Hiest of the Century
Pro: From the narrating, to the rhymes, to the concept, shit is classic
Con: A few annoying chorus remakes
Name: Saigon
Presented by: DJ Whoo Kid & Just Blaze
Title: Abandoned Nation
3 Best Cuts: Color Purple
No Idea
War (rmx) f/ Nas
Pro: With Whoo Kid, Just Blaze & Jay-Z co-signing, you know son can rap
Con: I wasn't overly impressed but it was only 14 tracks, 3 of which are interludes

Name: Smitty
Title: The Last Nigga Left
Hosted by: DJ Ideal
3 Best Cuts: Buck Town USA
DJ Clark Kent freestyle
I'm So Into You (prod. by Hi-Tek)
Pro: Smitty got some tight cuts and high profile producers involved
Con: This mixtapes was just re-released, so the beats he freestyles over are old
Name: Turbin
Title: Born With Nothing, Die With Nothing
3 Best Cuts: Intro
Box-U-Out f/ Planet Asia & Encore
Pro: Turbin got some hard flows and dope lyrics...don't sleep
Con: We don't judge books by the cover but the cover of this joint was wack

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