Late October Pt. 2
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Date Stamp: October 28, 2005

Name: DJ G-Spot & Mindtravel
Title: Reggaeton Flava Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: Chyno Nyno - Preguntate
Don Omar - Don Dale
Fat Joe, Nelly, Volito & Yaviah - Get It Poppin' (rmx)
Pro: This the best new Reggaeton mixtape out right now and possibly the best I've heard period!
Con: Mindtravel's side was a lil' short

Name: DJ Fingaz
Title: AVM: Adult Video Mixtape Issue No. 1
Hosted by: Julia Bond
3 Best Cuts: N2Deep - Back to the Hotel
Barrington Levy - Here I Come
Luniz - I Got 5 On It
Pro:  For the first half of this tape Fingaz brings flavour by mixing hits with the song they took their sample from
Con: The wording on the cover is misleading, this is a mash-up of genres rather than mash-up blends

Name: DJ Kurupt
Title: The Blockparty Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: Young Jeezy f/ Akon - Soul Survivor (Kurupt rmx)
Billionz - BK Hood
Lil' Kim - Lighters Up (Kurupt blend)
Pro: Half of tape is tight blends...
Con: ...the rest is the regular mixtape tracks

Name: Wiz Hoffa
Title: Lost Jewels
3 Best Cuts: Mic Geronimo f/ Royal Flush - Men vs. Many
OGC - Hurricane Starang
Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
Pro: All kinds of throwback classics that you might've forgotten about
Con: I wouldn't call these Lost Jewels more like Old Jewels

Name: Majik Most
Title: Molesting Hip-Hop: The Official Mixtape
3 Best Cuts: Skinny Girls (Eat Some Food)
All That
Just A Feelin' f/ Celph Titled
Pro: Majik Most is hella funny, like a cross between Eminem and Humpty Hump on crack
Con: The DVD was cheap

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