Late October Pt. 1 (South Special)
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Date Stamp: October 27, 2005

Name: Chingo Bling
Title: Chingo Bling 4 Presedent
3 Best Cuts: Yo! MTB Wraps
Pay Up Mothertrucker!
King Of Wrap
Pro: Chingo Bling is my favorite Mexican in the rap game
Con: Maybe too many skits...but maybe not

Name: Rapid Ric & Mr. Rogers
Title: Getcha Weight Up: Chopped & Slowed
3 Best Cuts: Kiotti - Screens (prod. by Dolla Bill)
Trae & Hawk - Swang (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
Hoodsoul & Fat Pat - Down In ATX
Pro: Rapid Rick puts on dope H-Town rappers that the masses aren't up on yet
Con: For a Paperwork cover this is looking pretty cheap

Name: Jody Breeze
Title: Stackin' Papuh Mixtape
3 Best Cuts: Hustler
Gangsta f/ Young Jeezy
AK & Chevy's f/ Sean Paul (of Youngbloodz) & Trick Daddy
Pro: Good introduction to Jody Breeze on the solo tip
Con: Jody Breeze needs a bigger hit to get that Jeezy attention

Name: DJ G-Spot
Title: Inspired By The South Vol. 4
Hosted by: Roam Bad Daddy
3 Best Cuts: Twisted Mind - Twisted 4 President
Jae Millz & The Replacmentz - Gimme Dat (freestyles)
Da Back Wudz - I Don't Like the Look of It
Pro: The new official Shadyville DJ, G-Spot is doing it bigger by the day
Con: This mixtape could have done without songs by Chyna White, Jade Foxx & SunN.Y.

Name: Mick Boogie & Boss Hogg Outlawz
Title: Dirty Work 2: Chopped & Screwed
Hosted by: Mike Jones
3 Best Cuts: Bun B & Gangsta Boo - Sippin' and Spinnin' (prod. by Doc Jam)
Mike Jones f/ Paul Wall & Killa Kyleon - What Ya Know About
Paul Wall, Bun B & Z-Ro - In The Streets
Pro: Mike Jones raps are just made for screwin' and choppin'
Con: It would have been tight to package the original and S&C discs together

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