Mixtape Report: Early April Pt. 1 (American Gangster Remix Special)
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Date Stamp: April 4, 2008

We waited until this late in the game to review a handful of A.G. remix projects because they just kept rolling in. But now we have selected our four favorites to highlight.

Name: DJ Chong Wizard
Title: American Ironman: Shawn Carter vs. Tony Starks
3 Best Cuts: Jay-Z - Black Superhero Music
Ghostface - Broad Day 'Em
Jay-Z - Blue Marvel
Pro: This A.G. remix project had the best concept, best cover, and serious attention to detail...definitely our favorite
Con: The only "con" I can think of is the one in Chong's new title, Concept King
URL: Myspace.com/DJchongwizard

Name: Big Mike & The Trafficker Management
Title: International Gangster
3 Best Cuts: Hello Brooklyn 2.0 f/ Lil' Wayne (Boi-1Da rmx)
Sweet (Megaman rmx)
Party Life (Tommy Gunnz & T. Williams rmx)
Pro: These five producers did their thing...the Hello Brooklyn remix is one of the best I've heard
Con: I ain't feeling how Mike and Mick Boogie have been getting all the credit for A.G. remixes they simply co-signed
URL: Mixtrap.com

Name: DJ Crazy Chris
Title: American Wonder: Stevie Wonder & Jay-Z
3 Best Cuts: American Dreamin' (CC 2 Beat Wondermix)
Party Life (CC Wondermix)
Hello [Bye Bye] Brooklyn (Chong Wizard rmx)
Pro: From music to mix, to vibe, Crazy Chris laced this up very tight
Con: This is the most slept-on and underrated A.G. remix album that came out

Name: R.A.V.A.G.E.
Title: American Monsta
3 Best Cuts: Ignorant Shit
Say Hello
Pro: Just like his name, these gritty head-nodders are ravaging!
Con: Woulda been dope to hear R.A.V.A.G.E. spitting verses on the A.G. beats

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