Mixtape Report: Mid-February Pt. 2
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=3024&page_number=1
Date Stamp: February 21, 2008

Name: DJ Kay Slay & Icadon
Title: Earthquake In New York
3 Best Cuts: Goodbye
Go Get 'Em freestyle
Wus Dat Sound f/ Redman
Pro: Feels like it's '95 with all these dope punchlines
Con: The second half of this mixtape got real boring

Name: Trackstar The DJ
Title: Boogie Bang 11
Hosted by: DJ Drama, Willie The Kid & La The Darkman
3 Best Cuts: Lupe Fiasco - Hip-Hop Saved My Life
La The Darkman & Willie The Kid - Kevin Garnett
NYOIL - I'm Not Your Cap'n Save A Hoe
Pro: Great variety of good Hip-Hop music
Con: Not enough Willie The Kid and La The Darkman songs

Name: DJ 2Mello & DJ Delz
Title: Powerplay R&B Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: The Dream f/ Rihanna - Living a Lie
One Chance f/ Usher - You Can't (prod. by T-Pain)
R. Kelly - Pull Ya Hair
Pro: Delz side is packed with heaters...props for playing our boy Blake Lewis
Con: Why is Mario on the cover of like every 2Mello mixtape?

Name: DJ Obi
Title: Hearos 4 Hire
3 Best Cuts: Operation Red Eye
Street Justice
Thug Music
Pro: I wanted to hear more from Kaliban...
Con: ...and less of these other rappers

Name: DJ Rondevu
Title: Dirty Business Vol. 3: Weezy and Friends
3 Best Cuts: Lil' Wayne, Young Buck & Timbaland - Yo Hips, Yo Thighs (Rondevu rmx)
Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross - Definition of A Hustler [prod. by DJ Rondevu]
Krayz Drayz - Do the Damn Thing
Pro: Rondevu comes with some nice blends, and I love how he always keeps his Das EFX homies in the mix
Con: What the fuck was that 'I Want Some Cookies' skit all about? Wayne needs to get off that shit

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