Mixtape Report: Late November Pt. 3
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Date Stamp: November 28, 2007

Name: DJ Blazita
Title: New York, New York 7
3 Best Cuts: AZ - Life On The Line
Jay-Z - Roc Boys
40 Cal. - Hi Road
Pro: Solid playlist featuring the newest New York shit
Con: Woulda been better if we got this before Jay's album dropped

Name: DJ J. Period, DJ G. Brown & Notorious B.I.G.
Title: March 9th
3 Best Cuts: Niggaz Bleed (blend)
Things Done Changed Pt. 1 (blend)
Young G's Perspective (blend)
Pro: Dope blends as far as Biggie blends go
Con: Good mixtape but it ain't no Rap Phenomenon

Name: Coota Bang & Archie Lee (Swisha House)
Title: Hood Theory
3 Best Cuts: Freestyle f/ Yung Redd
Coffee Shop freestyle
Pro: This mixtape got better with every listen
Con: There was no tracklist on the back or inside cover

Name: J-Love & NORE (aka Noreaga)
Title: Throwback
3 Best Cuts: My Name Is N.O.
Shame On A Nuh
Road 2 The Riches
Pro: N.O.R.E. sounds good on throwback Hip-Hop beats
Con: Can't front on old N.O. classics

Name: Wally Sparks & Attitude
Title: Key 2 Da Streets
3 Best Cuts: A.L.A.B.A.M.A. f/ Rich Boy
Get Up (prod. by Timbaland)
Desperation (prod. by Capt. Morgan)
Pro: Attitude sounds like a gangsta version of Ludacris
Con: I wanted to hear dude spittin' on more Timbaland beats
URL: DJwallysparks.biz

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