Mixtape Report: Early October (Real Nigga Radio Special)
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Date Stamp: October 3, 2007

Name: Trae
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Mr. Houston
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Tatted Up
La La
Do It 4 Tha Gangstas f/ C-Bo & Yukmouth
Pro: Trae is the da muthafuckin' man! He kills it on all the freestyles
Con: Not enough DJs show Trae love

Name: B.O.B.
Title: Real Nigga Radio: The Future
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Cloud 9
Little Rascals
Haters Everywhere
Pro: Props to Bigga Rankin for co-signing B.O.B., dude makes good music
Con: He sounds a lot like Outkast but that's not really a bad thing

Name: Willie The Kid
Title: Real Nigga Radio: When The Smoke Clears
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Thangs Back
I Robot
Make It Hot f/ La The Darkman
Pro: Willie keeps getting better every mixtape
Con: I'd like to hear more original material from him not just freestyles

Name: Triple C's
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Black Flag
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Scarface
Where You From
Real Nigga Radio freestyle
Pro: Rick Ross and his crew are steady husslin'!
Con: When did explosions, gun shots, sirens, and air horns replace actual DJing?

Name: Trick Daddy
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Thug Invasion
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Suckin' & Fuckin'
Ho But Can't Help It
Born 'N Raised f/ Pitbull & Rick Ross
Pro: Bigga Rankin is on his mixtape hustle in a serious way folks
Con: I hope Trick Daddy has better new material than what's on this mixtape

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