Mid-September Pt. 1
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Date Stamp: September 16, 2005

Name: Necro & Ill Bill
Title: Street Villains Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: Necro - The Real Reality
Big Pun f/ Necro & Joe - Still Not A Player (remix)
Necro - Tabloid Update (freestyle)
Pro: This mixtape is muthafuckin' bangin'! Better than most albums out
Con: The Michael Jackson diss song was funny as shit but way too much

Name: Fantastik 4our (Truly Odd, J Rocc, Mr. Choc & C-Minus)
Title: Cornerstone Mixtape #74
3 Best Cuts: AZ - Seems That Way To Me
Bump J f/ Kanye West - Pushaman
Krondon - Strong Arm (freestyle)
Pro: Fantastik 4our are a dope choice for this Cornerstone Mixtape
Con: A lot of the music on this mixtape is dated

Name: DJ Warrior & DJ Fatal
Title: Club Hitz
3 Best Cuts: 2Pac f/ K-Ci & Jo-Jo - How Do You Want It
Fat Joe f/ Nelly - Get It Poppin'
Trillville - Some Cut
Pro: Both DJs bring enough party hits to keep you satisfied
Con: Seems like it's missing a lot of newer hits that could have been included
URL: Caliuntouchabledjs.com

Name: Thugadon
Title: Grand Goons Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: E-Money Bags - Flush Intro (freestyle)
Majesty & Comrad - If You Knew (freestyle)
Thugadon, Majesty, Handsome & Comrad - It's Da Dons (freestyle)
Pro: These dudes is Tupac's OG posse from back in da days in NY
Con: Gotta skip a bunch of joints

Name: DJ Drama & Don Cannon
Title: Boss Basics: Gangsta Grillz Special Edition
Hosted by: Slim Thug
3 Best Cuts: Hood In The Air
Ten Toes Down
Know What I'm Talkin' Bout f/ PJ
Pro: This the type of mixtape that you listen to over and over again and don't skip joints
Con: Sometimes the "Cannon" and "Gangsta Grizillz" samples get laced too heavy
URL: Gangstagrillz.com

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