Mixtape Report: Late June Pt. 3
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Date Stamp: June 29, 2007

Name: DJ Mekalek
Title: Glow Like This: The Mixtape
Hosted by: Jahpan
3 Best Cuts: Shawn Jackson - '07 Mentality
Jaysonic (of Time Machine) f/ Jahpan - Cooking For One
Mekalek & Jahpan f/ Shawn Jackson & Double K - Incredible Feeling (rmx)
Pro: This mixtape is so refreshing...this is that must-have feel good music!
Con: It's a shame we don't get mixtapes this good more often
URL: Glowlikethis.com

Name: DJ Touch Tone & DJ Blaze
Title: Cornerstone #95: Cheesesteaks & Breaks
3 Best Cuts: Sean Price & Chaundon - Hearing Aid
Termanology f/ Lil' Fame - Squeeze Ya Ratchet
Movado - Amazing Grace
Pro: Touch Tone and DJ Blaze keep the skills in it while playing good music
Con: A few too many over-played radio joints on here

Name: DJ Warrior & Roccett
Title: Colors - Cali Untouchables Radio: Who's Next Edition
3 Best Cuts: Going Down
I'm A Boss
Ride With A G
Pro: We can't wait for Roccett's debut album on CTE West
Con: Roccett needs better beats
URL: Hiphopwest.com

Name: Tre Unda
Title: Uncut Radio 6
3 Best Cuts: R. Kelly & Usher - Same Girl
T-Pain - Bartender
Fabolous f/ Neyo - Make It Better
Pro: Look no further, this mixtape has all the best R&B songs out right now!
Con: The word 'exclusive' is heavily over-used on the tracklist
URL: Treunda.com

Name: Sin Sizzerb
Title: Sizzerb Vol. 3
3 Best Cuts: Sin - I Won't Stop
Sin f/ Quiet Storm - Kush
Crood - Yugoslavia (Just a Memory)
Pro: Sin got flow and some good guest appearances
Con: At times the lyrics come off really corny
URL: Sizzerb.com

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