Mixtape Report: Mid-June (RNR Special)
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Date Stamp: June 18, 2007

Name: Big Koon & Hollywood
Title: Real Nigga Radio: This Is The Life
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Money Makin' Kat$ f/ Rude boy
This Is The Life f/ Willo da Don
Get Your Shit Together f/ MJG and Eightball
Pro: This is on some real hood shit
Con: Ya girl Keisha J was foul

Name: G-Style
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Heavy Hustler
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: In My Life 
I'm Bout Money
Hustlin' On The Block
Pro: No need for mad guests, G-Style rips it
Con: A couple garbage cuts

Name: The Strangers
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Beyond The Fame
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: She Can Get It 
My Hood
Chips Are Down f/ Big Koon & Hollywood
Pro: A couple dancefloor heaters
Con: Coulda used some doper beats

Name: Willo Da Don
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Darkness Before Don
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: Happy f/ Lil' Homie 
Live And Die
Money Makes The World Go Round
Pro: Some real grimy raps, tight producto
Con: Too many interludes

Name: Code Red 
Title: Real Nigga Radio: Reinventing The Game!
Hosted by: Bigga Rankin
3 Best Cuts: International Playa
Bad Man Sound f/ Rising Sun
The Only One f/ Rob Love
Pro: Fresh dancehall flava, dope guests
Con: A couple of their freestyles just didn't stand up to the originals

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