Street DVD Report: June
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Date Stamp: June 5, 2007

Name: Demolition Men
Title: Demolition Men TV Vol. 1
3 Best Chapters: Tha Jacka
Husalah's ridiculous segues
Beeda Weeda
Pro: Imperial and Devro get lots of love in the Bay, so this is a good zoom-in on one of the most vibrant scenes in Hip-Hop right now
Con: The length of some of the segments could be shorter…some cats just don't have much to say when they ain't rappin'

Brand Name: Groovpix Entertainment
Title: Hip-Hop Life
3 Best Chapters: Young Jeezy Live
Rick Ross Live
Ohio State vs. Ohio State University battle final
3 Best Cuts (bonus mixtape): Security - K-Ruger (RIP), H.A.W.K. (RIP) & Cmoe
Burn - Blaze Burner
Hol Up - Tut
Pro: The production quality on here almost exempts it from being called a Street DVD
Con: This has the worst '8 Mile' styled battle I have ever seen

Name: DJ SWB
Title: The Godfathers
3 Best Chapters: Give It To Me (XXX uncensored)
Thief's Theme
Bonus Jay-Z interview circa 1994/95
Pro: This is destined for many a collectors' shelve
Con: I really dislike the blatant logo segues, feels like a bad sports telecast or something where the screen is frozen

Name: DJ Rondevu
Title: Ghetto Penthouse
3 Best Chapters: Sean Price
Un Pacino
Pro: Dope interviews
Con: Over the years Rondevu DVDs have gotten much better but the editting is still the weak link

Name: Adante Ace
Title: The Streets Have A Voice
3 Best Chapters: Grill Making 101
Green Lantern
Pro: Ace hits the streets in a major way
Con: Some of the freestyles and open mic clips are bad…real bad

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