Mixtape Report: Late April Pt. 2
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Date Stamp: April 26, 2007

Name: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban
Title: Unbelievable: A Tribute To Biggie Smalls
3 Best Cuts: Biggie & AZ - Brooklyn
Biggie & The Clipse - Blow
Biggie - Let It Go
Pro: That Mister Cee Biggie story was priceless!!!
Con: A few of the blends seemed off beat at moments
URL: Mickboogie.com
Name: DJ Jack of Spade & DJ Rick Geez
Title: Cornerstone Mixtape # 93
Hosted by: The Boodah Brothers
3 Best Cuts: Mic Lord (R.I.P.) - Home Booda
Redman - Gimme One
Sean Price - One
Pro: Not my favourite Cornerstone mixtape but it's solid
Con: Definitely some questionable song selections

Name: DJ Obscene
Title: Houston We Have A Problem Vol. 4
Hosted by: Chingo Bling
3 Best Cuts: UGK f/ Three 6 Mafia - Players Anthem
Redd Eyez f/ Lil' Flip - Ready
Chingo Bling f/ Flatline - Reppin' Da Soutside (prod.by Carnival Beats)
Pro: Obscene with Chingo!!! A must-have for fans of Texas rap!
Con: I wanna hear Chingo on more Carnival Beats' beats!
Name: DJ Fresh One & Chris Cutz
Title: LRG Spring '07 Mixtape
3 Best Cuts: The Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To Troy
TM Juke - Life, Rain, Fall
Eliot Lipp - Check Weight
Pro: Fresh One & Chris Cutz bringin' some smoove shit...AAA lounge music
Con: If you a hard head this might not be you
URL: Giantsarise.com
DJ Jack Da Rippa
Title: Go Gettaz Radio 8: The B-Side
Hosted by: Premo Stallone
3 Best Cuts: Rza f/ Talib Kweli - Certified
Fabolous - Hustlin'
Black Rob - Star In The Hood
Pro: I like how he started it with Black Rob...FREE BLACK ROB!!!!!
Con: Ways too many random old songs

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