Mixtape Report: Mid-April (West Special)
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Date Stamp: April 21, 2007

Name: Saafir
Title: Paint The Town
Mixed by: Turntable Tykoonz (Old E & Pablo Scratch)
3 Best Cuts: They Call Him Shaft (2Pac & Digital Underground Tribute)
Number One Spot (Tykoonz mix)
100 Bars (exclusive)
Pro: Good to hear from Shaft Sizzle after all these years
Con: His flow isn't as vicious as it used to be but he still got it
URL: Saafir.net
Name: Zeph & Azeem
Title: Mixed Messages: Exclusives & Classics 2001-2007
3 Best Cuts: Live From The Future (xclusive)
Palm Wine
Play The Drum
Pro: Azeem is one of the most lyrically gifted emcees out
Con: I like how they do the b-boy anthems but there's almost too many up-tempo joints
URL: OMhiphop.com
Name: DJ Babe
Title: West Coast Classics: Instrumentals Vol. 3
3 Best Cuts: Dogg Pound - Let's Play House
Snoop Dogg - Doggy Dogg World
Warren G - This DJ
Pro: This is the best instrumental mixtape series out!
Con: Where's the Yay Area instrumentals at?
Name: DJ Bedz
Title: Every Hoods the Same 1
Hosted by: Ice Cube
3 Best Cuts: Check Yo Self (rmx)
Bop Gun
What Can I Do (rmx)
Pro: Can't go wrong with an all Ice Cube mixtape
Con: Could have been a lot more of his newer shit
URL: DJbedz.com
Name: Young Hootie
Title: The Culmination
3 Best Cuts: Give It Up
In My Eyes
Grindin f/ Kila Krock, Problem & G. Malone
Pro: Hootie got that gangsta swagger!
Con: He got decent beats but heavyweight producer co-signing would help
URL: Larcenyentertainment.com

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