Mixtape Report: Early March Pt. 1
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=1614&page_number=1
Date Stamp: March 6, 2007

Name: Jay Quest
Title: Jay Quest vs. Green Lantern: The Home Invasion Instramentals
3 Best Cuts: Green Lantern - Track 6
Jay Quest - Track 15
Jay Quest - Track 21
Pro: Great disc for aspiring emcees
Con: The bonus tracks at the end with rapping were trash

Name: DJ Dub
Title: Crispy Reggae 5
3 Best Cuts: Jim Jones & Cam'ron - Crunk Muzik (Dub mix/ Lapdance riddim)
Spragga Benz - Enemies (Kolo Kolo riddim)
Papoose - Where You At (Dub mix/ Scoreboard riddim)
Pro: Dub had some dope Hip-Hop/reggae blends
Con: This was really more like a blend tape than a strictly reggae joint
URL: DJdub.com

Name: Jus Ske & Pharrell
Title: My Mind Is Playin' Tricks On Me
3 Best Cuts: Keep It Playa f/ Slim Thug
That Girl Stings f/ Snoop Dogg
Optimistic Father
Pro: Jus has definitely got mash-up skills and good ideas...
Con: ...but Pharrell's singing and rappin' are so bad, a lot of blends just don't work
URL: Jusske.com

Name: Swigga
Title: Ready To Live
Hosted by: J. Armz & Scram Jones
3 Best Cuts: Traffic Lights (prod. by Twinz)
Chronic Alcaholic
Spend Da Night (prod. by Haydn)
Pro: Swigga is a full artist, the type of emcee that should have bin bin signed to a major
Con: Sometimes Swigga is too honest
URL: Agathamusic.com

Name: Dre Robinson
Title: The Mass Jewel
Hosted by: DJ Kay Slay
Mixed by: Gee Spin
3 Best Cuts: Ring the Alarm
Get From Around Here f/ Pistol Gunn & Rob Jackson
Be So Cold f/ Papoose & Jae Millz
Pro: Dre sounds best when he's amped up
Con: When I had this mixtape playing in the background I forgot what it was and thought I was listening to Freeway
URL: Drerobinson.com

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