Mixtape Report: Late January Pt. 4 (South Special)
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Date Stamp: January 29, 2007

Name: Rapid Ric
Title: Whut It Dew 4
3 Best Cuts (disc 1): Tucci f/ Bun B - Ain't Gotta Like Me
M.O.S. - Drug Related
Chingo Bling f/ Rapid Ric - Like This & Like That
3 Best Cuts (disc 2 - Screwed & Chopped): Tum Tum - Caprice Muzik
Mr. Blakes - Block Bleeda (prod. by Da Bosnian)
Mr. Lucci & Mr. Pookie f/ Hot Rod - Stop Me
Pro: Rapid Ric is da man! His cuts on Like This & Like That are my shit
Con: Hard to complain when you get a mixtape, S&C disc, and a bonus DVD
URL: Mixtapemechanic.com

Name: DJ Ryno & DJ Chill
Title: The Streets Is Talking
3 Best Cuts (disc 1): Fat Pat - Heart of a Hustler
DJ DMD - When I Come Home
Lil' Scrappy f/ Bohagon & The Gritboys - You Aint Know (rmx)
3 Best Cuts (disc 2 - Screwed & Chopped): Young Bloodz f/ Trae - Chop Chop
Hotwright f/ Jim Jones - Catch A Body
UGK - Look At Me
Pro: This mixtape is that southern heat...especially the screwed & chopped disc
Con: I'm not a fan of freestyles over the phone
URL: DJRyno.com

Name: Mick Boogie & Tip Harris
Title: The Tipping Point
3 Best Cuts: T.I. f/ Q-Tip - Why You Wanna (MB mix)
TI f/ Young Buck - Get Your Mind Right (MB mix)
TI f/ Slim Thug - The Connection (prod. by Sonny Crack)
Pro: Mick put together some real fresh blends and remixes on this one
Con: My beef with "artist" mixtapes is I get tired of hearing the same rapper for an hour
URL: MickBoogie.com

Name: DJ G-Spot
Title: Inspired By The South Vol. 9 : Roam Bad Daddy Edition
3 Best Cuts: Lights Out
Goin' Down freestyle
Pro: Roam Bad Daddy is hard as hell...like a southern Freddie Foxxx
Con: Roam's rhymes got repetative after half an hour
URL: DJGspot.com

Name: Remi
Title: Operation: Straight Drop
Hosted by: DJ Don Cannon
3 Best Cuts: I Won't Deny It
The One For Me
Grady Baby f/ Decatur Ike
Pro: Don Cannon hosting may be the best part of this mixtape
Con: DJs shouldn't be allowed to co-sign wack emcees for cash
URL: Remi-music.com

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