Mixtape Report: Early January Pt. 3 (Throwbacks Special)
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Date Stamp: January 11, 2007

Name: DJ Impact
Title: Know Your History Vol. 7: Strong Island Legends
3 Best Cuts: JVC Force - Strong Island
Leaders of the New School - P.T.A.
Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
Pro: Props to Impact for dropping lessons on mixtapes!
Con: Mixing was solid but wasn't amazing
URL: LXGmusic.com

Name: Meyhem Entertainment
Title: Arm & Hammer: On Da Cook Up
3 Best Cuts: Biggie, Klepto & Special Ed - Oh My Lord
E-Money Bags, Nature & Kool G. Rap - Friend of Ours
Cru & Lox - Live At The Tunnel (extended version)
Pro: Ridiculous line up of New York rarites and hard to find classics
Con: This could be the worst cover artwork I've seen this year and last year
Name: DJ G-Spot & The World Famous Skits
Title: Beatz 4 Keeps: The Very Best Production of Ski Beatz
3 Best Cuts: Jay-Z - Dead Presidents (prod. by Ski Beatz)
Jay-Z - Feelin' It (prod. by Ski Beatz)
Camp Lo - Black Connection (prod. by Ski Beatz)
Pro: Rappers need to holla at Ski Beatz...he made some timeless classics and is still bringin' heat!
Con: I was hoping for a collection of Ski Beatz instrumentals, not the actual songs
URL: DJgspot.com

Name: Tre Unda & Psycho Les
Title: Loco En La Cabeza
3 Best Cuts: The Man
Stick 'Em Up f/ Greg Nice
Grandma's Sandwiches
Pro: Man it's good to hear Psycho Les! You already know he still killing 'em!
Con: The sound FX were way too loud
URL: Treunda.com
Name: DJ Shakim & DJ Boom Bip
Title: Reminsce Pt. 1
3 Best Cuts: Kool G. Rap - Truly Yours
Main Source - Just Hangin' Out
Original Flavor - Can I Get Open
Pro: This joint has that traditional mixtape feel...like the shit belongs in your walkman!
Con: Too much Gangstarr and Mobb Deep
URL: Superfriendsmixtapes.com

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