Mixtape Report: Early January Pt. 2
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=1476&page_number=1
Date Stamp: January 8, 2007

Name: DJ Kaos
Title: Street Hustle Vol. 4
Hosted by: DSR
3 Best Cuts (disc 1): Big Tuck - freestyle (exclusive)
Lil' Ronnie & Addiction - Exclusive
KD - On Lock (DJ Kaos exclusive)
3 Best Cuts (disc 2): Bohagon - Get It Off Your Chest
Fat Bastard - Freestyle (DJ Kaos exclusive)
Marco Polo - Poppin' Tonight (DJ Kaos exclusive)
Pro: Kaos does some dope mixing and has real exclusives
Con: The first disc was mostly DSR exclusives but the second disc was just a generic down south mix

Name: DJ Cosmic Kev & Gillie Da Kid
Title: Validation
3 Best Cuts: 4 Horsemen f/ Joey Jihad, Reed Dollaz & Cyssero
Money In My Pocket freestyle
Pro: Gillie don't need no Weezy beef to get props
Con: Way too many run-it-backs, sound effects and shouting

Name: DJ G-Spot
Title: Cross Colors
3 Best Cuts: Art of Noise - Beat Box
Inxs - I Need You Tonight
Eddie Grant - electric Avenue
Pro: Some retro hits for the '80s babies
Con: The title suggests early '90s Hip-Hop
Name: Fokis
Title: Fully Focused
Hosted by: Focus (Aftermath)
3 Best Cuts: All About Dat Doe (prod. by Focus)
Back On Da Block
Just Ridin'
Pro: Fokis is one of our new picks comin' out the NYC
Con: Real hard to pick only 3 best cuts...all this shit is HEAT!!!
URL: Fokis2k.com
Name: Jay Classik & DJ Flaco
Title: Awready Vol. 5: It's A Southern Thang Mayne
3 Best Cuts: Jokaman f/ Magno, $park Dawg & K-Reata - Sonic Sega Flow
T. Weaponz f/ Trae - Dem Boyz
Lil' Wayne f/ Allstar - No More
Pro: Classik and Flaco bring that southern heatwave
Con: If 'It's A Southern Thang', then why are there Snoop and Drag-On tracks on here?

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