Street DVD Report: January
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Date Stamp: January 5, 2007

Name: DJ SWB
Title: This Is How We Do Vol. 6
Hosted by: Lupe Fiasco & Yung Joc
3 Best Chapters: Baby Cham - Ghetto Stories
Consequence - Scarred 4 Life
Clipse Live in Harlem (bonus feature)
Pro: S Dubble gets respect from some major playas
Con: DJ SWB should not appear on camera

Brand Name: Ruff Nation Films
Title: Death Before Dishonour
3 Best Chapters: Ja Rule
Lil' Cease
Lord Mike
Pro: Well researched expose on the rat situation in Hip-Hop
Con: A lil' too broad

Name: Mac Dre & Thizz Nation
Title: Treal TV #2
3 Best Chapters: Mac Dre Live in Hawaii
Mista Fab Smokin' Weed
Intro (Feelin' Myself / Mac Dre Memorial)
Pro: All the hyphy you can handle, get dumb with this and remember what made Hip-Hop fresh in the first place
Con: Are you kiddin' me?

Name: Three Headed Monster & King Smij
Title: Hood Vision Vol. 3: Image Is Everything
3 Best Chapters: Ashy Larry
Pro: Two more dope chapters, one with Dre from Cool'N Dre and the other is the Smooth Magazine model search
Con: How are you mocking the same people you're promoting?

Name: DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko
Title: Black Sunday CD/DVD
3 Best Chapters (DVD): Slaughter House mini-movie
Making of Black Sunday
Some Clips
3 Best Cuts (CD): The Making Of...
Disciples of Death f/ Young Vadah
Black Sunday
Pro: This DVD is supposed to be on some horror shit but it turns out more B-movie funny
Con: Too bad they didn't delve deeper into the Muslim pornstar conspiracy

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