Mixtape Report: Early January Pt. 1 (West Special)
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=1467&page_number=1
Date Stamp: January 4, 2007

Name: DJ Warrior, DJ Strong & Lil' Eazy-E
Title: Cali Untouchable Radio 14: Rebirth of Gangsta Rap
3 Best Cuts: Prince of the City
Coming To Compton
This Ain't A Game f/ Bone Thugs (prod. by JR)
Pro: Lil' Eazy-E's flow and delivery have both improved, and it shows on this mixtape
Con: It ain't easy living up to the name Eazy-E
URL: Hiphopwest.com
Name: DJ E-Rock & DJ Whoo Kid
Title: Bay Bidness 3
3 Best Cuts: Mistah FAB - Welcome To The Bay
Renz Julian f/ Clyde Carson - Clap, Clap
San Quinn - Bring the Game To the Table
Pro: Props to Whoo Kid for collabin' with E-Rock and puttin' a spotlight on the Bay Area
Con: The CD we got wasn't tracked...so couldn't skip past any songs
URL: Shadyville.biz
Name: Damani
Title: Congratulations Playa
Mixed by: DJ Reflex & DJ Skee
3 Best Cuts: Gotta Stay Paid
The Wait Is Over
In Love With A Hoe
Pro: The title says it all 'Congratulations Playa'! DO NOT sleep on Damani...Dude is dope!
Con: It was damn tough to pick only 3 best cuts
URL: DJskee.com
Name: Bloc Up Movement
Title: The Game & Snoop: Kings of the West
3 Best Cuts: Game f/ Busta Rhymes - Doctor's Advocate
Snoop Dogg - My Peoples
Snoop Dogg f/ R. Kelly - That's That
Pro: Snoop and Game are a good combo for a mixtape
Con: Would have been better if there was actual hosting and real exclusives on here
URL: Mixtapeone.com
Name: DJ L-Gee & Digital Product
Title: Snoops Upside Ya Head
Hosted by: DJ Warrior
3 Best Cuts: Above The Rim
Snoops Upside Ya Head
2 of Americas Most Wanted
Pro: L-Gee, Digital Product & Warrior mix up a dope collection of Snoop D-O dubble G
Con: Snoop over the phone was cool but would have been better in the studio
URL: Hiphopwest.com

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