Mid-August Pt. 2 (Duo Special)
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Date Stamp: August 13, 2005

Name: Fats & Bathgate
Title: Collision Course
Hosted by: DJ Do-It-All & DJ Fah D
3 Best Cuts: Bathgate & Fats - Hood Shit
Q45 - Dissin' Game
Bathgate - Incredible
Pro: Fats and Bathgate are reppin' Harlem proper...ill cover too
Con: Does Q45 have any reason to be dissin' Game?

Name: Dirty Water
Title: That Good Dirty Water Mixtape
Members: C. Brown and Joe D.
3 Best Cuts: Dirty Water - No. 28.2
Heron Gibran & Yahzarah - Run Joe
Dirty Water - 93 Interlude
Pro: D. Water have that cool DC/NC organic sound
Con: The Joe D. produced tracks seriously outshine the freestyles over big name instrumentals

Name: Da Back Wudz
Title: Major Takeover
Members: Big Marc and Sho-Nuff
Mixed by: DJ Funky Darryl James
3 Best Cuts: Da Back Wudz f/ Jermaine Dupri - Makin' Money
JB f/ Da Back Wudz, Pee Wee & Nody - Keep It Gangsta
Da Back Wudz f/ Erica Kane & Sol - DEC
Pro: These boys got fire for days...southernplayboychevymusik
Con: Most of these songs won't be on their official debut album

Name: Smoke & Numbers
Title: The Color of Money
Hosted by: Big Mike
3 Best Cuts: Boom Bap (prod. by Digital Product)
NY Minute (instruments played by Hippie D)
5A (Smoke DZA solo)
Pro: Damn, these dudes really suprised me...uptown flow with dope beats
Con: Numbers sounds similar to Jim Jones

Name: S.T.R.E.E.T.
Title: Reintroduced
Members: Ed Rock and Termanology
Hosted by: DJ Geespin
3 Best Cuts: One More Time (prod. by J. Cardin)
Shattered Dreams
Back To The Essence
Pro: Ed and Term have a classic NYC sound
Con: Too many freestyles, not enough original material

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