Mid-August Pt. 1 (South Special)
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=142&page_number=1
Date Stamp: August 12, 2005

Name: Rapid Ric & Mr. Rogers
Title: Afta Da Relays 2K5
Hosted by: S.L.A.B.
3 Best Cuts: C. Loc - I Got It
Yung Redd & Trae - A Week Ago
P.J. (Boss Hogg Outlawz) - Draped Up & Dripped Out
Pro: Rapid Ric got that Texas heat
Con: A couple joints on here been played out
URL: Mixtapemechanic.com

Name: DJ Dime Piece
Title: Highly Anticipated 7
Hosted by: Mike Jones
3 Best Cuts: Mike Jones - Screw Dat
Mike Jones f/ Bun B - Know What I'm Sayin'
Boyz N Da Hood f/ Eazy-E - Gangsta (prod. by Erick Sermon)
Pro: Mike Jones is a good look on the hosting tip
Con: Coulda been some Mike Jones exclusives
URL: DJdimepiece.com
Name: Hot Wright
Title: Straight Out the Blue Vol. 1
Hosted by: DJ Knyce
3 Best Cuts: Freestyle f/ MOS
Got A Problem f/ Lotto
North Cock It Back f/ Miss E-Wreck & Krunk
Pro: Hot Wright reppin' hard for North Cock It Back
Con: Hot Wright needs more hot production 

Name: DJ G-Spot
Title: Inspired By the South Vol. 3
Hosted by: The Replacementz
3 Best Cuts: Jay-Z f/ Aztek - We Got A Problem
P$C & TI - Set It Out
Phoenix Jones f/ Vito - Peddlin' Music
Pro: Nobody does as many or as wide a variety of mixtapes than G-Spot
Con: This is my least favorite of the Inspired By the South series
URL: DJgspot.com

Name: Chamillionaire & Stat Quo
Title: Big Business
3 Best Cuts (regular disc): Stat Quo - Known In The Streets
Stat Quo, Chamillionaire & Bun B - Hold Up
Stat Quo & Chamillionaire - Shake It How You Make It
3 Best Cuts (chopped & screwed disc): Stat Quo - Hot Sauce
Stat Quo - Known In The Streets
Stat Quo, Chamillionaire & Bun B - Hold Up
Pro: Just when you thought Stat may have done too much, he brings more flavour
Con: Chamillionaire shoulda never left Swisha House
URL: Statquo.com, Chamillionaire.com

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