Mixtape Report: Early September Pt. 3 (Midwest Special)
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Date Stamp: September 10, 2006

Name: Ray Cash
Title: Smokin' & Leanin' Vol. 1
Hosted by: DJ Don Cannon
3 Best Cuts: Ready Rock
It's A Cash Thang
Recognize Real
Pro: Ray tears down a bunch of original and hit beats alike
Con: After 'Bumpin My Music' do you really need to come with the similar 'Show You How To Do This'?
URL: Raycash.com

Name: DJ G-Spot & DJ Centipede
Title: The Rivalry: Cleveland vs. Chicago
3 Best Cuts: Phatty Bankz - It's Hot In Here
Ray Cash f/ JR Writer - Cut the Shit
Crucial Conflict - Hay
Pro: Good showcase of the Cleo, and plenty of Chitown classics
Con: G put on two too many Brat songs
URL: Gspot.com

Name: Rhymefest
Title: Plugg City...City On My Back
Mixed by: DJ Reddy Rock
3 Best Cuts: Rhymefest - Still Singin' 2006
Rhymefest & Mikkey - Drifter
Krillz, Trillogy & Rhymefest - Flavors
Pro: Rhymefest is a beast on the punchlines and concepts
Con: As dope as Fest is, he tends to falter on the hook

Name: Lupe Fiasco
Title: Touch the Sky
Hosted by: DJ E. Nyce
3 Best Cuts: Twilight Zone
Switch Science Project
Outty 5000
Pro: I gotta pick three more best cuts - Lupe the Killer, Ignorant freestyle, and The Pen & The Needlz
Con: Quite a few of these cuts were on mixtapes last year
URL: Mixunit.com

Name: DJ Dub & Naledge
Title: The Crown Jewels
3 Best Cuts: Clothes, Ho's & Liquor (snippet)
Brand New (rmx) f/ Rhymefest & Kanye West
Rap Star (prod. by Jersey)
Pro: Dude didn't get accepted to a Ivy League school for nothin', he got some clever shit
Con: Every Nal mixtape we review has at least one snippet and it's usually the best song
URL: Kidzinthehall.com

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