Street DVD Report: August
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Date Stamp: August 25, 2006

Name: Jim Jones
Title: Life In the Fast Lane
3 Best Chapters: The Artist
Pro: Watching Jim be Jim is some entertaining shit
Con: Cam don't make a real cameo, much like Jim wasn't in 'Killa Season'

Brand Name: Hip-Hop Nation
Title: Notes From the Underground Vol. 1
3 Best Chapters: Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Pro: There's some interesting segments
Con: This must be like the whole 2003 season of some cable access show

Brand Name: Kung Fu
Title: The Very Best In Underground Hip-Hop From the UK Vol. 1
3 Best Chapters: Jehst
Pro: You get to see some of the cats that are killin' it now, when they were establishing their reps
Con: A lil' too much backstage bullshittin'

Name: Sonny Carson & Reefa
Title: The Brooklyn Mint
3 Best Chapters: 112 Bars (that's right, a hundred and twelve bars straight!)
Red Cafe
Pro: A raw look at Brooklyn...with a behind the scenes look at the making of Biggie's 'Duets'
Con: I like the vision, the DVD production needs to be a little tighter though

Title: Hyphy Exposed
3 Best Chapters: There's the brothers that pull over and get fined, and there's the brothers who run
Highway Hyphy
Oil Slick Burnouts
Pro: Funny as hell road antics, I love when they spinning like crazy and dudes got his feet up out the window just kickin' it in shottie
Con: Too much screechin'

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