Mixtape Report: Early August (Instrumental Special)
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Date Stamp: August 8, 2006

Name: J-Armz
Title: How To Be An MC Vol. 32 - Instrumentals
3 Best Cuts: Jim Jones - My Diary (prod. by Amadeus)
Bun-B f/ Pimp C, Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - Get Throwed (prod. by Mr. Lee)
T.I. - What U Know (prod. by Toomp)
Pro: J-Armz is the only one giving the producers credit on the tracklisting
Con: If I wanted to hear planes take off I'd move over by the airport
URL: Jarmz.com
Name: Mick Boogie
Title: The W. Carter Collection: Instrumentals
3 Best Cuts: Go DJ
Hustla Music
Suck It Or Not
Pro: Lil' Wayne makes the beat hot not the other way around
Con: Weezy F. needs to get Kanye, Just Blaze, Dre & Timbaland for 'The Carter 3'
URL: MickBoogie.com
Name: DJ Babe
Title: West Coast Classics: The Instrumentals
3 Best Cuts: Above The Law - Black Superman
Domino - Ghetto Jam
Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun
Pro: Babe brings you some West Coast instrumental essentials
Con: Wish that Domino instrumental was higher quality
Name: DJ Kurupt
Title: The Instrumental Handbook: Limited R&B Edition #2
3 Best Cuts: Kelis - Bossy
Mariah Carey f/ Snoop Dogg - Say Something
Ciara f/ Field Mob - So What
Pro: Dope instrumentals even if they are labeled "R&B beats"
Con: Producers need their credit doggy...add them names on the tracklisting
URL: DJKurupt.com
Name: Cyn
Title: Cynstrumentals
3 Best Cuts: 2 Easy
Wanna Fill My Shoes
Don't Take 4 Granted
Pro: It's good to see a producer even putting out a solo instrumental mixtape
Con: Too many sped up soul samples
URL: 304live.com

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