Street DVD Report: July
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Date Stamp: July 14, 2006

Name: Street Dogg
Title: Street Dogg 2: The Adventure Continues
3 Best Chapters: What the Name of the Song
Across The Bridge With Jim Jones
Young Buck Concert
Pro: Street Dogg is one funny muthafucka, BET or MTV need to step up and hire this fool!
Con: Much like the first one, it's almost too low budget

Name: DJ SWB & Big Murph
Title: This Is How We Do 5
3 Best Chapters: B.I.G. (Live At The Apollo 1996)
B.I.G. - Unbelievable (Live Outdoor Performance)
Nas - Nas Is Like
Pro: Enough rare Biggie footage to satiate the thirstiest fan
Con: The blends are solid but they could up the creative edge

Name: DJ Drama
Title: Gangsta Grillz: Respect The Game
3 Best Chapters: The Strip Club Game
Beat Making vs. Producing
Bleu DaVinci
Pro: The insight provided on the strategies utilized by some of today's hottest Southern artists is virtually uncensored
Con: There's tons of quality material here but it doesn't flow right...the message is dulled by the editing

Name: All Access
Title: The Remix
3 Best Chapters: Jim Jones
Young Jeezy Freestyle
Dame Dash
Pro: This flick gets us up close and personal with the Hip-Hop generals as they plot their moves
Con: It gives a feel of going through the motions like the artists aren't excited or interested...Slim Thug is actually watching a ball game on TV during his interview

Name: Insomniac
Title: Street Credentials Vol. 1
3 Best Chapter: Saul Williams
Kool Keith
Pee Wee Kirkland
Pro: This is real crack and gives an in-depth look at life in the underground
Con: If you just want to see flossin' and gun pointing this might not be you

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