Mixtape Report: Mid-June Pt. 3 (Euro Special)
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Date Stamp: June 17, 2006

Thick: You guys went to Harvard and met there. Is the school full of stuck up chicks?
(There is a) good number of nerds, and a good number of good, normal, grounded creative people from all over the world who like to learn. It’s kind of a hard place to pigeonhole.

T: Not only do you sing and write your own stuff, you produce the majority of it too. How did you get into producing?
We started the band as a live band. It was us and three of our friends in our freshman year. We’ve been doing this for five years now. We’re just now having the chance to expose ourselves to a larger audience. We got heavily into production our sophomore year when both of us became engineers at an on campus recording studio which we later ended up running. We had this little studio with a modest amount of gear but enough to record this album we were gonna put out. Just through trial and error we learned how to engineer and how to produce, so our hearts were in the studio.

T: You guys have some pretty big co-signs in the industry from the Hip-Hop world from JD to Kanye, to Pharrell who signed you to Star Trak. How did that all go down?
We got extremely lucky. We made our entire album, Love The Future, while we were still in school. We finished it in our junior year and sent it everywhere. The music made its way into the hands of these folks and luckily they loved it. P got it through his recording engineer, Drew, who got it from a magazine writer who had written an article about it for a music engineering magazine. These people found us through a long chain of generous folks who were nice enough to pass our stuff along.

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