Mixtape Report: Mid-June Pt. 2 (South Special)
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=1025&page_number=1
Date Stamp: June 16, 2006

Name: DJ Burn One & Da Backwudz
Title: Grippin' Grain: Gorilla In Da Trunk [Special Edition]
3 Best Cuts: Me, My Swisha & My Chronic Sack
Coming Down f/ Milwaukee Black & Big Chris
Old School
Pro: Da Backwudz are my pick for new rap artists of the year
Con: Good mixtape but Burn One could have done some mixing
URL: Myspace.com/dabackwudz
Name: DJ Ideal & Lil' Jon
Title: The BME Mixtape
3 Best Cuts: Lil' Jon f/ E-40 & Sean Paul - Snap Ya Fingers
E-40 f/ Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When To Go (prod. by Lil' Jon)
Trillville f/ E-40 - I'm Pimpin'
Pro: DJ Ideal mixtapes are always good and you can't beat Lil' Jon when it comes to hosts
Con: We got this real late
URL: DJIdeal.net
Name: Young Capone & DJ Scream
Title: I'm Hot: The Official U.S. Tour Mixtape Vol. 2
3 Best Cuts: Top Pushed Back
Weight Man f/ Kantrell
Neighborhood Supastar f/ Webbie & Yo Gotti
Pro: Young Capone has a couple hot joints on here
Con: Y.C. has talent but overall I wasn't feeling this mixtape
URL: Hittmenndjs.com, Sosodef.com
Name: Rapid Ric, Chali Boy & DJ Bull
Title: The Versatyle Child
3 Best Cuts (disc 1): Bumpa Grill
I Gone Be Around f/ Mr. Blakes
Peepin Da Scene f / Mr. Blakes & Dok (of Set 4 Life)
3 Best Cuts (disc 2 - Screwed'n Chopped): I Ain't Trippin'
Bumpa Grill
Texas Boy
Pro: Chali has the ability to both rap and sing but sounds best screwed'n chopped
Con: It was hard to listen the whole way thru the regular disc
URL: MixtapeMechanic.com
Name: DJ Ryno
Title: Back To The Basics (double disc)
3 Best Cuts (disc 1): B.G. - Triggerman
Trae f/ Hawk & Fat Pat - Swangin'
DJ DMD f/ The Screwed Up Click - So Real
3 Best Cuts (disc 2 - Screwed'n Chopped): Trae f/ Hawk & Fat Pat - Swangin'
DJ DMD f/ The Screwed Up Click - So Real
50 Cent, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - I Know You Don't Love Me
Pro: That Screwed Up Click joint is my shit
Con: Too many blends listed as remixes
URL: DJRyno.com

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