Mixtape Report: Mid-June Pt. 1 (The Aphilliates Special)
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URL: http://thickonline.com/mixtape_reports/index.php?content_id=1008&page_number=1
Date Stamp: June 11, 2006

Name: DJ Drama & Yo Gotti
Title: I Told U So: The Real King of Memphis
3 Best Cuts: Get Buck
Back In The Hood
Body Rock
Pro: Yo Gotti is on his Memphis grizzly, check for this mixtape
Con: Starts off a lil' slow but gets better as you listen
URL: Gangstagrillz.com, The Aphilliates.com
Name: DJ Drama & T.I.P.
Title: The Leak: Chopped & Screwed by Paul Wall
3 Best Cuts: Front Back Side to Side f/ Bun B
Grand Hustle Radio f/ P$C
Pro: T.I.P. sounds fresh Screwed & Chopped
Con: It's nicely screwed but could have used more choppin'
URL: Gangstagrillz.com, Grandhustle.com
Name: DJ Jamad
Title: Afromentals 23
3 Best Cuts: Trends of Culture - Valley of the Skins
Edo G - Be A Father
Eric B. & Rakim - Mahagony
Pro: Jamad serving up that good ol' soul food. Keep cookin' up these funky mixtapes Jamad!
Con: You fiends that are just lookin' for the newest shit are not gonna get your fix here
Name: DJ Jay Cee
Title: Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years Vol. 1
3 Best Cuts: Jaycee Wants You Back
Ready or Not (Here I Come)
Maybe Tomorrow
Pro: I didn't know Hip-Hop sampled Jackson 5 so much
Con: Hard to listen to young Mike for an hour straight...that high pitched voice will get to you
Name: DJ Sense
Title: The Trendsetter Vol. 1
3 Best Cuts: Busta Rhymes & Bun B - Be Bout Ya Bread
Smitty - Stop Snitchin
Replacementz - That's My Shit (Prod. by Tek Beatz)
Pro: Sense has good selection even though this is an older title
Con: Cheap cover artwork...looks like a hand-me down cover
URL: Gangstagrillz.com, The Aphilliates.com

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