Interview: G-Man & Rizk (conducted at Fortune Soundclub's 2nd Year Anniversary)
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Date Stamp: October 22, 2011

Wednesday, October 12th was the second year anniversary of Vancouver’s infamous Fortune Soundclub! On behalf of Thick Magazine and all the clubheads out there, we would like to say congratulations to Garrett and Rob (and all the amazing staff at one of Van City’s most highly regarded venues). Before seeing Major Lazer’s Skerrit Boy freak the decks, we caught up with owner/founders G-Man and Risk to hear their thoughts on an epic night of celebration.

Thick: What have the two of you learned over the past two years with Fortune Soundclub? What new experiences has it brought?

G-Man: What we’ve really been able to do is bring shows that we’ve always wanted to bring in our lives. I kind of posed the question: If we go tomorrow, what are we accomplishing here? Having Fortune, rather than just promoting (which we’ve done in the past), the shows came but they were once every month. Now it’s like I go after whoever we want to bring, we just bring them to this club! We just make it happen. We pick a list, who would we like to show? EPMD? OK, let’s hit them up. EPMD! You know what I mean? Done.

Rizk: I think the diversity that we’ve accomplished in the last two years, we’ve done many different genres of music, and the fact that we didn’t have to go mainstream to be successful or noticed has been a huge accomplishment. And to got two years and still not go that route is great.

T: I would suppose that these ideas were what inspired you guys to open your own spot?

G: Basically, we were promoting for awhile and we just thought that, hey, you know what? We’ve been working for all these other club owners and kinda telling them what our scene is about. We’ve actually lived the scene, helped build the scene, our friends are DJs, and people involved in the scene with everybody. We’re right there with everybody. When it came to us being in the scene for so long we said, let’s do our own (club)! It was a natural evolution to give it a shot.

T: Any new acts that the two of you would like to see in the New Year and onward?

G: I have a huge bucket list: Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia), Aesop Rock...actually I don’t want to say everybody! But there is a mad bucket list that I keep at home of things that I just want to do and bring. We keep attacking it. When they are all knocked off, I’ll be happy.

R: We just want to surprise you (laughs diabolically)! Let us surprise you, we don’t want to over set our goals and not be able to reach them, or say a huge artist and we can’t get them. Consider our list from the last two years. For instance, on the mailer it shows a list of all the artists we brought in our second year. The diversity of artists is a scope of what we plan to do next year.

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