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Interview: Travie McCoy
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thick: You've been all over lately, your songs are on fire...must feel good.
Travie: It feels huge! The album on a whole has a nice vibe and I'm glad people are digging it!
T: You talk about Oprah on Billionaire and there's a movement now to get you on the show?
Tr: Yeah we did The View, next is Oprah. Fans want it. Especially since I gave her all those shout outs, it's only right, ha ha.
T: Your boy Bruno Mars is on fire. With you on Billionaire and with B.o.B. with Nothin' On You and now his solo project. Blow him up a little bit.
Tr: He's like my brother, man, we have the same A&R...we just hit it off right away. He has a production team called The Smeezingtons. We did three joints on my album together. Super talented. Here's a little secret about Bruno, if you've ever seen the movie Honeymoon In Vegas, he's the 6 year-old Elvis impersonator in there!  He's like an idiot savant, he can play everything...every instrument. Golden pipes, you know what I mean? Check his song Somewhere In Brooklyn, it's the most beautiful song ever.
T: Your new CD Lazarus has a really good mix to it. A real pop/rock feel. Is that what you were aiming for? 
Tr: It didn't start off that way, it was kinda like a really dark undertone to it but once I started the song process with Billionaire and Dr. Feelgood and After Midnight, I was like, you know what, this is the lane I wanna stay in. It's uplifting, it's positive, all my friends are into it and I'm like, if my friends are diggin' it, there's a good chance the world is gonna dig it. I'll save all this dark stuff for the next Gym Class (Heroes) record.
T: It's such a universally appealing album like you can listen to it front to back and just coast. It's like a's crazy, you don't get sick of it.
Tr: I can't complain. I'm really proud of it. It's like a year and a half in the making, and at the cutting table I had to let loose songs I wish you could hear, but they'll end up somewhere. I think this record is gonna have a pretty good shelf life. There's a lot of joints on there that will do as good, if not better, than Billionaire.
T: Tell us about the new single.
Tr: It's called Need You and we're shooting a video for that but we're also shooting the Billionaire remix with me, Bruno, T-Pain, One Chance and Gucci Mane.

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