Interview: Francis & The Lights
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Date Stamp: September 16, 2010

photo by Jason Sit

Thick: Give us a little of your recording history.
Francis: I released Striking, it’s an EP, in 2007. Then, (I) played shows in New York, from the small venues to the bigger venues. (I) released A Modern Promise, my second EP in 2008. Since then things have been slowly moving forward…now, a little faster.

T: You signed with a label yet or you doing the indie thing?
F: We are unsigned. (I have) worked with small labels, I have released things totally independently, and I have no allegiance to any one way of doing it. I’m open. Whatever makes sense.

T: I know you have made some pretty big guest appearances on a couple albums just out and coming out.
F: I did the track Karaoke for (Drake’s) Thanks Me Later. I produced that and wrote it. I also just did a track with Lyrics Born. There’s a couple other things that I don’t think I’m at liberty to speak about yet.

T: How did the connection come with Drake? Because obviously you are on the album but you are also touring hard with him.
F: As I understand it, he and his team had been following what I had been doing for a long time, and we got the call. First of all, everyday that I’m on this tour I’m thankful and humbled. Those are my dominant feelings in general, even regardless of how it happened. We got the call and I knew it was a big deal and that’s how I’ve felt since then, really.

T: What are you working on now?
F: We just released the eight song record It’ll Be Better July 20th. It’s in some stores, it’s on iTunes. Now it’s onwards and upwards.

T: What is your take on stage performance?
F: For me, it’s equally as important as recordings, song-writing…and I suppose music videos is our other medium. I put them on the same plane…maybe even a little higher for me.

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