Interview: Wale (Roc Nation)
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Date Stamp: November 27, 2009

New CD is out it’s called Attention Deficit. You’re a fiend on the net. Checked your Twitter page…you posted a link to a new song like an hour ago…
Wale: Yeah, it’s called Let It Loose featuring Pharrell.

T: Was that one done on the road or in studio before yall hit the bus for the big tour with Jay-Z?
W: Both. We been tweaking it a little bit.

T: Is it gonna be the new single?
W: Nah man, we just putting records out. I’m controlling my own thing for a bit, you know? Just getting it out there. Pretty Girls is still tearing up the East coast right now.

T: You’ve been a pretty busy guy, we saw you on the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors tribute to Def Jam doing that Beastie Boys classic with KRS-One, the legend…what was that like?
W: Ah man, it was incredible! I was one of the last people that got to do it, so I had to get there early and learn the song. So, it was definitely a lot of fun.

T: How was your time on stage during the This Is 50 festival recently?
W: A lot of energy out there, man, for myself and Kudi to be able to do that, it was just a good look.

T: You’re from DC where Go-Go music was birthed. How important is it’s legacy to you and are you a current torch bearer bringing it back in your own unique way?
W: I just wanted to add something new to Hip-Hop 'cause it’s been stagnant and dull for quite some time. So, I just tried to add my own little flavour to it all, and incorporate my hometown in the sound.

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